Wanderset. 12 ermployees at time of sale.

Greg, DIna and I teamed up to do it again - and boy was this a crazy ride.



The Karmaloop Apparel model without the inventory - using APIs to tie in to OEM order flows.


18 months: Founding >>> Raise >>> Exit.

E-Gaming Company FaZe Clan Subject to Potential Successor Liability | JD Supra

Press and Articles

Announcing the Acquisition

eSporting With FaZe Clan & Wanderset

Greg and Rice Gum Post Acquisition....

Greg and Rice Gum Post Acquisition....

We hosted the Gumball Rally - you have to watch this documentary.

Faze Clan + Clout Gang Drive Gumball 3000

Announcing the launch of the company

Karmaloop Founder Greg Selkoe Launches Wanderset E-Commerce Site

Prototype invests in wandersets Seed financing